Thursday, September 8, 2016

Taking the Plunge

We finally got to partake in our annual first day of school swim only it was on the third day. Details...details. I thought we were going to have to postpone it again because a storm blew in, but then it blew out. The heat and humidity remained. At the last minute, Ted decided to join us. His presence was a first and a nice surprise. I suspect he wanted to drive and to supervise the ordering of the pizza, which is at the culmination of the evening, but it meant a great deal to this mama bear nonetheless. On the fly, I decided to change the beach. That garnered mixed reviews. I suspect we'll return to our old swimming grounds next year, but I appreciated the sandy shore and the ambling path.

Before I even got in the water, I found a heart-shaped stone, or more like it found me. Sometimes I'm not even looking for these talisman and then there they are. Lily and I went under together. I don't know what's gotten into me lately, but I'm less apprehensive about taking the plunge. I usually wade in and then wade out and this can take us from golden hour to gloaming, but lately I've been walking in and under like it's no big freezing deal. It makes me feel bad ass and a little invincible. Act the way you want to feel. I tell works.

I didn't see angel wings or doves in the clouds this year, but I felt awake and alive and aware. Aware that I am blessed and strong, and that I want to be good and do good. I felt au courant with my place in my family and the universe. That's all any of can really ask for. It's all that matters.

Before long, the fog rolled in like a holey blanket not much competition for the holy sky. It gets me each and every time. I look up and my breath is taken away. I am humbled and honored and hallowed. Bring it on. I tell you...I'm ready.

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