Tuesday, September 20, 2016


this last official weekend of summer felt...summery.

it had all the quintessential elements and i'm happy to report that we enjoyed the last of the dog days to the fullest as well as the full harvest moon.
i love crawling into bed on sunday night with sand in my hair and sun-kissed skin exhausted in the and i should complain frame of mind and heart.
it is my guilty pleasure to finish one book friday night sitting beside the river just before a deluge while my girl enjoys some studio time with a friend, and then start another saturday afternoon sitting on the beach in the blazing sun.
i wrapped up sweetbitter and started in on patient h.m.

it's a treat to shop for dinner at the farmer's market to be enjoyed during a spontaneous overnighter at the beach, and then to stop for lunch with the ladies because we're so close to one of my sister-in-law's favorite spots.
the sheboygan market tempted us with so many fresh goodies, and we bought them all (although not the giant buckets of chilis pictured below) before our naughty and nice pit stop at field to fork.

it's always fun to relax or play (golf, football) on the beach even when lake michigan is so chilly that we need to have a bonfire before dark just to warm up.
somehow we all got in and stayed in and said it felt good.
i think the word for that is numb or cocktail.
courageous or crazy.

it's delicious to enjoy this view at gloaming on the beach, grilled burgers and corn at twilight on the deck and games after dark.
this place...this family time is so special to all of us.

it feels like such a blessing to wake up in time to see the sunrise and to take my morning walk along the shore with hardly another soul in sight.
the stroll in solitude is its very own powerful form of prayer.

it's cause for celebration when lily pitches her team's way to their first ever victory and we arrive just in time to see it.
i know it meant so much to lily for us (me + ted + sil) to cheer her on.
it's a blessing to have sunday afternoon to come down from the weekend and gear up for the week ahead.
ted finally got to golf on greens not windmill beach's sand traps, lily and mike had fast pitch tryouts, and i made my first stock of the season and shopped for dinner.

it's kind of funny that we decided to order pizza.
i should have known when i sat down with a glass of wine and a publication on mindfulness that i wouldn't feel much like motivating.
we didn't even make it through the packer game.
it was early to bed and sweet dreams.

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