Friday, September 16, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Making it through the week. It was a rough one from start to finish, and I'm happy to see it end. I found my voice and then I lost it. I'll leave it at that except to say mom rant coming as soon as I can process exactly what transpired and how I really feel about it. I'm still stunned. Numb. Sad.

I'm not an almost teenage girl. It's tough and for this fact I am not thankful. The sad part is that it doesn't have to be if friends only would choose to abide by the golden rule.

A daughter who is beautiful inside and out. I'm truly awed by her strength during difficult times and her desire to be kind even when she's not being treated that way.

Teddy serenades after dinner the other night. He cued up his shower tunes and sang and danced around the kitchen. He's got quite the moves. Jess and I got quite a show. I didn't get a picture of that, so I give you this one instead as proof that I do have a son even though he doesn't really appreciate having his picture taken these days. Can you tell?

Browsing the art fair with my aunt last weekend. I found a couple gifts and a couple pieces for Lily's room. It was a beautiful day and it sure was nice to spend quality time together.

Lily was positive about her first couple fall ball games. Her team lost, but she played well, pitched consistently and had fun.

She's enjoying swimming too. She seems to have a renewed passion for it after taking spring and summer off.

Comfort food. A roasted turkey breast and mashed potatoes for dinner this week, a huge pot of homemade marinara sauce, and a batch of blueberry muffins too. 

When Lily said, "I love it when mom's home all day cuz' then the laundry is all done, the house is clean and she makes good food." (I love it too.)

70s by day and high 50s by night. Fall is in the air, but it's still summer.

A fresh cut. (The photo of Lily with the cute hair style above and the photo below were both taken this week, and yet she looks like a little girl in one and a young lady in another.) 

New toys for the boys. Halloween mice.

This story. I want her new cookbook.

This recipe and that soup season is upon us.

This quote...

Ted had a great race yesterday. A PR. He came in 5th overall and 2nd on his team. Now I know he's set on breaking 19, which is about 6 minute miles.

Tonight's harvest moon.

Parent Information Night at the middle school last night. As per usual, she's in good hands and much adored already.

Maybe I can sleep in tomorrow. 

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