Saturday, September 10, 2016

Up Early

I had thoughts about sleeping in this morning, but between my boys (Tigger, Peanut and Ted in that order) it was out of the question. And when I say sleeping in, I'm hoping for 8 o'clock. Ah, but the cats were hungry and Ted was in pain. He's nursing a sore throat on top of blistered heals, and as I type he's out running like the wind again in he rain. Sounds about right. He needed me to dole out meds and cash for breakfast at the diner after his practice. The cats are curled up in their favorite spots taking their first morning nap. Really, you should know that the day is but one long nap for them. The rest of the house is still sleeping and I'm a tad envious. 

Last night I traveled to Mexico in my dreams. It was stressful, not relaxing. I was surrounded by drug lords not mariachi bands. Of course, this is because last night I (with my husband's enthusiastic permission) committed to spring break in Mexico with friends. Not in dangerous Mexico City or Ciudad Juarez, but peaceful and beautiful Ixtapa. I know it's a paradise because I've been there... many times...a long time ago.

My kids have never been to Mexico. They've never been on spring break. Not tropical paradise spring break anyway. I believe it's an experience they should have at least once. So we're going to Mexico with P&S&O. We've been to Mexico several times with P&S and we've always had an absolute blast so we're looking forward to doing it again. 

We spent some time reminiscing last night and decided that we'll be taking a family banana boat ride, eating hamburguesas at Reuben's even if it is commercialized now, spinning a few new Fat Tony stories and walking the streets of Zijuatanejo in the evenings. I'm already a little excited and it's only September.

So why the unsettling dreams? I think I know. Saying  yes is scary for me. Committing is definite. What if there's another terrorist attack? What will US relations be with Mexico after this election? What if I lose my job or change my mind? What if there's a hurricane and what about Zika? And I could go on and on, but that's not productive or healthy. It's time to start brushing up on my Spanish instead.