Friday, October 3, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...
Few words this week, but quite a few pictures.
The cat's had my tongue and I'm OK with that.  Sometimes I have to get still and quiet to hear my voice and find my words.
 This little barn cat is quickly getting my heart.  It's mostly owing to that mauled ear, but his sweet persistence is worth much too.
October.  Thirty-one days of the saddest happy days of the year.  Sad only because there are so few and they are so soulfully resounding.
A pain free week. Feeling good is really the best gift of all.  It sets the tone for everything.
Jess...constant and true and bearer of beautiful bouquets.
Egg yolk ravioli.  On a whim, I prepared them for lunch the other day.  They were delicious and decadent especially just for little old me in the middle of the week.  Oh, and they were anyone can boil an egg (or a noodle wonton) easy.
When rotten bananas become banana bread.  I don't like to waste things.  It's one of the strong tendencies I inherited from my Grandma Rose.  I'm rather proud of my providence in our piggy society.  I'm especially proud knowing she would be too.
BLTs made with tomatoes that actually taste like something good...likely the last tasty tomatoes of the season.


I think I'm becoming the chicken whisperer.  They follow me around the farm on Fridays and I find myself talking to them the way I talk to my cats.  As far as I know, no one has heard me.

The way I could take pictures of the horses all gloaming long.  There are endless photo opportunities on the farm, but I love this window in the old barn best of all.  Next week I am taking my "real" camera.

And pictures of her on horseback too. 

 A beautiful day Sunday spent with the best people and  the juiciest sun-kissed apples fresh off the tree.

This selfie of Lily and I taken at the orchard on Sunday.  You can see that Nanny was with us too.  Shining down on us from heaven on her heaven day. 
An apple a day.  My new favorite is the Ginger Gold - not pictured because, of course these apples are red. 
Pumpkin patches. Lily took this beaut of a photo.  She's got an eye.

Gourds. Warped yet whimsical.

Ancient tortoises.  I think I might go to the pet store to buy my lettuce from now on.  Just sayin' it's way better than the romaine I've been getting from Costco of late.

A thunder storm in the middle of the night this week.  It's kind of a lullaby as far as I can hear.
This bond they are sharing.  Apples after the lesson help, but only just a wee small bit.  And the truth is, this girl would bring our whole recently picked peck for the horses if...IF...I would allow it.
And I get it.  While she walked him out to his paddock, I made the rounds in the barn to hand out a few more.  I felt like Santa Claus and not only because the northwest wind felt arctic.