Friday, October 10, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...
Another serendipitous night on the farm.  It's so welcoming.  I truly feel like I'm in another faraway place...a simpler place... and there is something restorative about that at the end of a rat race of a week.

It was lovely again tonight so Miss Bit rode outside as the sun shrank behind the auburn trees.  I watched the sun literally get swallowed up.  The sky has been showy all week long. I'm thankful for that too.
My Lily.  She is really such a joy.  And a stitch.  Sometimes she says things and I am absolutely sure she is channeling my Mom.  She's surprising me with how seamlessly she's adjusted to middle school.  She has been on top of all of her assignments, studying for tests, and getting out of bed in the morning with minimal coaxing.  Right now she's excited about riding Admiral, side pony tails, Modern Family and The Middle, running the mile in 8 minutes, acting class, school dances (she's at one right now), putting together her nerd Halloween costume, playing outside and meatball subs in no particular order.
My Teddy.  He is so dedicated and good natured especially for a teenager.  He is all about football right now even when he doesn't want to be because it seriously cuts into his social life.  He cannot wait for ski season.  He got his skis last night and keeps inquiring whether or not he's signed up for Snow Star. Yet he was excited to golf last Sunday and hopes to again before the season really ends.  He is a teacher's dream because he just gets things and then does what he needs to do.  A parent's dream too because he is organized and self-motivated.  Right now he's into crime shows, baggy sweatshirts without hoods that he insists are sweaters,  running a 6 minute mile, bar mitzvahs and waiting until the last minute to come up with a Halloween costume.
My guy.  He is whatever we need him to be.  Right now he's football coach, math tutor, pot sticker steamer, chauffer, confidante, cheerleader, groundskeeper, best dad, better half.  That's a lot of shoes to fill, and he does so well...happily.  We are so lucky.
These boys.  I have only one word... love...unconditional love times two!  I love them even though Tigger wakes me up in the middle of the night for pets, and Peanut meows all day long begging to go outside.
The rush that comes from writing especially from writing fiction.  I'm on a roll with this story I've started and stopped many times.  This time it feels like I have no choice, but to plow through.  That both delights and terrifies me, and I wouldn't want it any other way.