Monday, October 6, 2014

2 day pass

another friday night on the farm.
or the field (for the boys).
this week brisk and even more colorful.
she spent most of the hour trotting and posting...
with a perma smile on her face that has the same effect on me.
saturday morning was another effort at the good ole parental divide and conquer.
coach took him to football cuz'
i took her to acting class although so not stage mom.
there was some shopping for a bff's birthday present with her and non-flood pants for him...again.
29/32 now...with a belt!
my brother and sil stopped by for a visit after the badger loss bearing charcuterie and bottles (yes bottles) of sea smoke.
we wowed them with a batch of perfect was my week's mission.
it was a fun impromptu gathering that left us all moving slowly come sunday morning.
but it was another full and glorious day all around.
the boys golfed with my brother and sil, lily had a birthday party and i met jess for a walk along the lake front.
then we all came together for sunday dinner.
this week's much loved by all menu:
baked ham, homemade mac and cheese, sweet potatoes and salad with homemade buttermilk ranch.
oh and more sea smoke...southing this time, which was better than ten.
(i sorta value the word homemade.)
nanny's family favorite pumpkin bars became this morning's breakfast.
we were all tucked in early spent after a good and full perfect fall weekend.
blessed, sun kissed and content.