Saturday, October 11, 2014


Reading The Goldfinch and finding myself captivated right away.  I think it's smartly written.  Sometimes a bit wordy too, but I'll take my time and take them all in.  Also Paradise in Plain Sight for my daily dose of Zen.

Wondering when the Ebola virus will mutate to become airborne.  It is a virus and that's what they do.

Noticing the way that night is falling earlier every day.

Watching Homeland Season III with Mike, How to Get Away With Murder with lots of fast forwards with Ted, The Middle and Modern Family with Lily, and The Walking Dead when I work out.  I saw Gone Girl with my SIL this week.  It was sorta lackluster and long.  Ben Affleck was flat.  The book was better, which, of course, usually is the case.

Listening to the Stevie Wonder station on Pandora.  Somehow his music fits no matter my mood.  Also The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks when I walk.  I am far from a Sparks fan, but my Dad spoke highly of this title and he is less likely to turn to Sparks than I am.  Jury's still out.

Eating pot stickers better than any Chinese restaurant, and the best beef stew the recipe for which I finally mastered.  The tricks are balsamic vinegar, tomato paste and deglazing the pan with a glug of good red wine.  Still eating an apple a day from our orchard stash.

Drinking not nearly enough water now that the heat and humidity have headed south.

Dreaming about a month on an island to do nothing but read.  I have a stack of books I need to read, and like so many other bibliophiles, I add more titles than I take away.  It's a constant nagging fear of mine to die with books in cue, or to lose my eye sight, which might be worse.

Feeling like everything is going just a little too fast.  Soon October will be over.  The holidays are quickly approaching.  Next year T. Bone will be in high school. 

Wanting to be less indecisive.  I have been unable to pull the trigger on several big decisions.  I know it is fear that keeps me from making a choice, but not doing so leaves me with a soaring level of anxiety.

Wearing slippers again in the morning.  Brrrr.

Hoping I get to spend some time with my friend who is coming to town next weekend.  It's impromptu and for family matters, but I'd settle for even an hour or two.

Thinking that today is going to be a 3 caffeine day.  I was up before the sun on this chilly Saturday morning to see T. Bone off for football.  I thought maybe I'd go back to bed until Lily's acting class, but the heat kicked on and the coffee kicked in and the sun came up so now it seems rather pointless.

Enjoying the extra hour I have to myself now that Coach takes both kids to school in the morning.  I meditate or fold laundry or a read chapter or two...or all three.  Sometimes I even just get into work early, but I start the day so much more relaxed thanks to those 60 minutes.

Loving fontina cheese in a frittata, cat cuddles, the fact that Lily bought her BFF the same leggings she owns and a best friends necklace to share, getting organized, Pinterest again and Instagram still.