Friday, February 28, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Christmas music even in February.  I cranked O' Come O' Come Emmanuel in the car the other day and I sang from so deep within that I didn't care who could see me or what I looked like.  I was feeling it.

Also Al Jarreau.  He reminds me of a couple people who have been on my mind this week so it was no surprise when I chose one of his cds for my morning commute.

My Mom's tuna casserole.  I made it this week, and a bowl of it is like a long lost hug.  It lasts a long time too since I am the only fan in the house.

Jess came for dinner this week.  It was an excuse reason to get a nice Montepulciano, make chicken cordon bleu, buy cupcakes and watch the Bachelor.  It was by all familial accounts the best cordon bleu to date.  The cupcakes were delicious.  Especially the chocolate cherry.  And the coconut. And the salted caramel too.  Juan Pablo is as icky as ever, but reliable for some laughs.

Lunch with a friend this week at a little French place that reminds us both of my Mom.  We toasted her over passable Cote du Rhone, but the croque madame more than made up for it.  It was the best I've had....anywhere...ever.

Aveda Shampure Pure-Fume.  Don't tell me I smell good unless you want a bottle.  Just ask Jess.  And watch the mail Carol.

Also the Aveda Comfort Tea.  I love how it is herby, yet light.

Back to the elliptical.  My knee is finally right enough to exercise after the ski crash I was involved in last week.

I did not break my phone this week when I dropped and stepped on it.

I finally have figured out how to upload my pictures from my new phone to my new computer.  Not difficult, but different.  Change is hard for me.  I'm so happy to be able to catalog and share my photos again.  The hiatus from capturing my life in pictures made me realize that I am...a photographer.  Not a professional, but it is something I do and love and own.  This blurry image of Miss Bit was taken at the Irish Pub after a day of skiing.  She is fighting sleep as she waits for her chicken wings all snuggled in her shawl.  It's a warm and fond memory captured in time.

Coach for coming and sitting next to me during the scary movie we watched last night.  The Conjuring was not for the faint of heart so he held my hand.  We should hold hands more often.

Our summer sitter is coming back to his job again this year.  He's so great!  He's dependable and positive and lots of fun! The kids are both excited, but especially Miss Bit.  Hmmmm.

A quiet house.  Being the first one up in the morning.
The boys are so happy that things are back to normal around here.  And this is normal.

Vacation memories.  When I go through my photos, I feel like I'm still there.

Plans for spring cleaning...major and deep.  And also some home improvement projects.

A date with Coach tonight.