Monday, February 3, 2014

2 day pass

this weekend was:
welcoming february and one tired t. bone
he returned home happy after 3 days and 2 nights at camp
curling up on the couch beside him to watch captain phillips for the second time in 2 days
intense and scary and also not a factual depiction in my opinion, but entertaining nonetheless
waking up to snow early saturday morning
earlier than i planned courtesy of tigger who woke me and then promptly went back to bed
carving out time for long workouts both days
coach taking miss bit for her first ski lesson
graduating from the bunny hill in 30 minutes
she loved gliding down the mountain, and it turns out she's a natural just like her brother
two pioneer woman cookbooks offering inspiration on a snowy saturday
ree grates on me, but i enjoy her recipes
what's not to love about a pot of mushrooms simmering in a bottle of bordeaux all day
or slightly spicy dressing for a simple wedge salad
or caramel brownies that needed quite a lot of tweaking, but were good enough to be gone
or hot beef sandwiches topped with provolone, pepperoncini and carmelized onion
a full church and a meaningful sunday sermon
a little annie wannabe reciting daddy warbucks and singing maybe with coach daddy
a full house for the game
a very boring super bowl and lackluster commercials
enjoying the company and the homemades just the same
warm, full, happy, together.