Monday, February 10, 2014

2 day pass

the weekend was full of spontaneity.
play dates filled our days and sleepovers our nights.
t. bone begrudgingly attended the valentine's dance at school only because all his friends were going.
never a good reason, and yet in this case, a very good one.
when i dropped him off, he reminded me that pick up was 9 o' clock sharp.
yada yada I said as if I am ever late.
then the phone woke me out of a sound snooze at 9:20 and snapped me out of smugness.
it was t. bone wondering where his ride was.
c'est la vie coach said as he left to chauffeur.
i went straight back to sleep shamefully.

miss bit was delighted for the invite to the hit the mall with her friend saturday.
the girls and a saint dad had fun bowling, shopping and lunching.
t. bone celebrated a friend's birthday at the gym.
we got a gang together for sledding late on the snowy afternoon at my brother's encouraging.
my fam, my brother and sil, a nephew and miss bit's friend all bundled up in our cold weather gear to enjoy the fresh air and fresh fallen snow.
we've had so much snow and constant frigid temperatures that i think we've adjusted.
now negative 4 is the new 20 around here.
before long we were down 1 sled and 1 tobbogan, but that didn't stop us.
getting snow down my back did give me pause.
i felt like a kid again in both the good and the not so good ways.
at home we thawed out over hot steaming toddies.
hot cocoa with extra marshmallows for the kids and a tom and jerry or two for the of age.
we ordered our favorite pizza and called it a perfect day.
and it was.

sunday was pancakes for breakfast quickly followed by sunday school.
coach and i bundled up again for a brisk and bright lakefront walk.
between loads of laundry, i started packing.
i hate packing more than anything.
and i don't even pack.
i assemble.
i think coach hates packing more than i do cuz' he actually has to fit everything in the suitcases.
and i think bringing 6 pair of shoes/boots for 5 days is reasonable!
i made spaghetti sauce and pasta fagioli for dinner.
i knew the kids would quip about all the beans in the stoup.
and i was fine having lots of leftovers to heat up all week since the kitchen is mostly closed at casa wags and the fridge is close to bare.
after dinner, coach and i snuck in an episode of homeland.
i had to rewind the episode numerous times because i kept nodding off.
i blame all the fun, fresh air, packing and pasta for the sudden onset of narcolepsy.