Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Reading Thomas Moore's The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life.  Also Lynn Darling's Into the Woods: A Memoir of Wayfinding.  Both thought provoking, and hence slow.  I read Claire Bidwell Smith's The Rules of Inheritance while on vacation and I found the story rather whiney and overly self-indulgent even for a memoir instead of moving and introspective.  Most memoirs move me.  I feel a connection even if my experience varies vastly from that of the author.  I didn't experience that with this novel, and I've cared for a terminally ill parent.

Wondering if maybe I have tired of the memoir all together.  It seems like every blogger is writing or has written one so there is an endless supply.  Perhaps, I am just tapped out of the genre, but I really don't think so.

Noticing that the heat is on less even though the temperatures are still bellow average.  The sun is inching higher and getting hotter. It actually smelled like spring this morning despite the fact it was in the teens. 

Watching Homeland.  We are almost through the second season.  Also the Bachelor although I'm not sure why.  Juan Pablo is a dud.  A creep.  Even his accent is annoying, but in case you haven't heard...he's a really awesome Dad.

Listening to Rickie Lee Jones in the car, Ella Fitzgerald radio by day and Big Audio Dynamite radio by night.

Eating out of the well-stocked freezer.  Trying to use up what we have.   Cottage cheese with everything.  I'm on a serious kick and it makes my family gag.  Lots of eggs.  Whatever can be thrown on the Panini press a machine I adore.

Drinking coffee, water and wine in that order.

Dreaming of skiing down mountains when I sleep, and of climbing them when I'm awake.

Feeling closer to center then I have for a long while. Thankful for my circle too...small, but fiercely loyal.

Wanting to commit to a kitchen redo, hire a financial adviser, and make monthly date night a priority.  We've been talking about this kitchen for almost a decade, trying to find a financial adviser for years, and have already missed January and February's night out.

Wearing boots and leggings and sweaters...my winter uniform, but I just ordered a skirt I wanted last summer that was sold out by the time I pulled the trigger.  They have it again.  I am thinking of and planning for warmer weather attire now.  And most importantly I'm not wearing my heart on my sleeve

Hoping that my kids feel how blessed and loved they are.

Thinking that when we retire, we'll move to the north woods to live on a lake. A year round cabin big enough for the whole family, but also quaint for just two.

Enjoying the quiet season.

Loving this quote from Out of the Woods: Experts in the field of direction talk about the difference between way keeping, which is simply the ability to stick to a certain path, following well-marked landmarks and signposts, and wayfinding, what you do when you must rely on yourself, your reading of the landscape and the decisions only you can make.  We start out in life learning the first; with luck we end up knowing something of the latter, to the extent that accident and blessing give us choice.  Perhaps, in the end that is what wayfinding amounts to: learning how to allow for accident, and make way for blessing.  How I want that.