Monday, February 24, 2014

2 day pass

it was a quiet couple of days.
we're still settling back into reality after a vacation that was out of this world.
so the down time was a good and much needed respite.
turns out that traveling takes as much out of you as it restores within you.
it giveth and it taketh away.
it was back to basics like errands and chores and church and practice.
invigorating walks and home cooked meals instead of skiing and eating out.
watching the olympics instead of feeling like we were in them.
naps and homemade banana bread and loads and loads of laundry.
some screens and a few pages.
plenty of cat cuddles.
they still don't trust that we're here to stay.
we all enjoyed date night saturday.
coach and i had our monthly bowling league.
somehow we are in third place.
the kids went with aunt jess for wings and a movie.
sunday night we sat down for family dinner reminiscing about where we had been one week ago, and also happy to be home.
i fell asleep before brownies and during the closing ceremonies.
and just like that the olympics are over, the weekend is over and february is coming to a close.
time is such a terrible tease.