Friday, February 7, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Cupcakes for breakfast today.  Happy Anniversary C!  I know I promised to save you a bite of the chocolate chili number, and I tried.  I tried.  Take  my was good!

Homeland.  I broke down and ordered season 2.  I did so under the guise that it was a Valentine's gift for my guy, but then I gave it to him unwrapped the other night and we've watched several episodes since.  I tell you it's more addicting than chocolate, and every bit as much for me as for him.

New words.  This week I added fata morgana (mirage), galley west (into destruction or confusion) and sitzmark (a depression left in the snow by a skier falling backward) to my lexicon.  I hope I don't see a fata morgana while I'm skiing high in the mountains that sends me into galley west aka as a black diamond run, and then causes me to make a sitzmark in the fresh powder.

We're Rocky Mountain bound soon.

Family vacations.


New experiences and beautiful vistas.

Our gas/electric bill was only $334.91 this month.  Sadly, thanks to the stubborn polar vortex, I was expecting it to be much worse.

Thirteen year old T. Bone lost his last 4 baby teeth this week.  Lost as in had them pulled by the dentist to the tune of $250! At least we were all cavity free.

Flexibility at work.  I was able to take off Monday afternoon to go for a walk and out for a coffee with Jess who had a really rough weekend.  She's always there for me, and it was important for me to be there for her. There were a few tears, but also some laughs thanks to Juan Pablo.  Yes...we ended up in my family room watching the Bachelor. It's pure comedy I tell ya.

The Best of Jimmy Fallon.  He's good for a laugh too, and quite the performer too.

Ted's going to a school Valentine's dance tonight.  I remember 7th grade and hormonal. Hot as in sweaty, and hormonal as in giddy if he asked you to dance and gloomy if he didn't.  There were times that I recall never wanting Stairway to Heaven to end and just as many praying that it would hurry up and be over.  I don't think he will slow dance tonight with any girls though.

Lil got the part.  She's going to be one of the orphans in her school's production of Annie.  Yay!

Trader Joe's Peppermint bark.  We just opened the tin we got for Christmas and it is some of the best!

New thick and creamy lotion that is working wonders for my dry and sensitive skin.

Thanks to This blog post I have this book on hold for me at the library.  How have I never read this?  I am taking it on vacation with me and dreaming of devouring it beside the lodge fire.