Monday, March 3, 2014

2 day pass

the weekend was off to a good start.
t. bone had plans with friends.
miss bit had plans with cousins.
coach and i had dinner plans.
we tried a new hibachi restaurant.
the food was good, but they watered down the wine and that folks is a deal breaker.
saturday was the best kind of day...snowy and free from obligation.
miss bit was at the zoo and t. bone was skiing.
i lost myself for a good while in the book store.
then i came home with ideas and the desire to create:
a strawberry shortcake cake, a salsa and a snowscape.
i am inspired when working with my hands to bake and make and paint.
i watched gravity while i worked and couldn't fathom it winning best picture.
and we know now that it didn't.
we were reunited for bowling and our best burgers at gloaming.
it was fun despite the fact that we all struggled to break 100.
almost all that is to say.
we all struggled to finish our burgers too.
almost all that is to say again.
and then the flavor of the day was butter pecan.
i think it was a little sign, but i'm not sure what it was saying.
i have my hunches.
sunday was the perfect day...even superior to saturday.
i didn't leave the house all day or all night.
i know bliss...right?
right when you (i) are (am) thin skinned and fragile.
miss bit woke under the weather and t. bone was just bone tired so we proclaimed our own snow day despite the fact that the sun was shining.
i cued up cat stevens on pandora, started a stock simmering on the stove and made muffin melts for brunch.
miss bit rallied on her pioneer project with the help of both parents.
i lectured on organization.
coach on procrastination.
the finished product was a source of pride for all of us and all of us learned some valuable lessons too.
while the boys went to baseball, the girls made soup two ways: lasagna with cheesy yum and broccoli cheddar with cheddar (not a typo).
my lasagna soup is a family favorite, but i had a taste for something else.
i also had the time.
it was the perfect cold late winter night for a bowl of hot soup too.
oh and a slice of the strawberry shortcake cake because spring is drawing nearer every day.
i fell asleep mid way through the oscars.
i like ellen.
i love meryll streep and jennifer lawrence even though they didn't win.
it was a good show.
and all things considered (those that happened and those that didn't) a good weekend too.