Sunday, March 16, 2014

2 day pass

this weekend felt rather self-indulgent if i must admit.
the kids were off having a blast first with grandparents and then friends.
coach went out friday with friends all dressed in red to root for his badgers.
they won!
i was happy to stay in all alone and watch blue jasmine.
cate blanchett sure earned that oscar.
i liked it more than i expected and was glad i lifted my woody allen boycott to see it.
that cad.
we were up early saturday morning greeted by the first chippie of the season.
thankfully this brutal winter wasn't too hard on him.
he was "chubby" like father javier (inside joke).
we made time for a walk before we headed downtown to celebrate being irish.
we drank our green beer and/or guiness on the sidelines of the parade proudly.
it's kind of a silly little procession/irish dance stand off in the streets, but the route is always deeply lined.
it's great people watching too.
then we walked along the frozen river to an irish pub.
there was a biting chill in the air, but it was warm and toasty inside.
and wall to wall people too.
we had the best reubens of the decade.
the ratio of corned beef to kraut to cheese to sauce was spot on.
deliciouscious (inside joke).
we eventually came home to watch dallas buyers club.
again i have to fess up that mc conaughey and leto were most deserving.
but still i must say that imo even the standout films these days are only good, not great.
when did good enough become good enough?
i mean when was the last time you could say with conviction that a film was amazing?
i know it's been awhile.
sunday we shopped around the public market while the kids were at sunday school.
we love that place that is full of things you don't know you even need until you see them or smell them.
coach was inspired at the meat counter to start a shepherds pie for dinner.
i love when he is culinarily inclined.
i made two rounds of soda bread with my usual twist...dried cherries and dark chocolate chips.
workouts finished, practice ended, friends left and we marveled at how light it was as we sat down to dinner at 6:45.
there is no doubt that the days are getting longer.
now if only the weekends were too.