Friday, March 28, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

My little fish is back in the water swimming again.  It's so good for her!

Stellar report cards for both kids.  Proud again.

Last Sunday's family dinner: brisket, oven rolls, au gratin potatoes and roasted cauliflower.  I had never attempted a brisket before and now I'm wondering why.

A breakfast date at the taco counter with Coach Sunday.  Another first.

Validation from Mark Bittman's blog. I visited it yesterday.  His last two posts were about the return of butter and the magic of masa.  We ran out of butter this week.  It was almost as bad as running out of toilet paper.  Worse really because you can substitute tissue for T.P., but I have always been true to butter.  There is no substitute.   As for masa...I went to several stores to get masa for tortillas, and they are magical.  I made them this week and can say that it will be very difficult to go back to store bought.

Glimpses of who my girl is and who she is becoming. At times I see her as wise behind her years with an already strong and proud sense of what matters to her and what defines her. At others she is still just a little girl who anxiously awaited the arrival of the plush Mine Craft pig she procured online, named when he arrived (Frederick), built a habitat for, and introduced to her BBFFs (Bedtime BFFs), Ellie and Allie.

A bottle of wine and a board of cheese with Jess last night. A few good laughs too. We almost didn't go out (it was was cold...I was crabby), but then we did and it was good medicine for the both of us I think.

Rain on a corrugated tin roof. I love the sound...the smell.

Friends to the rescue. After realizing that Miss Bit's thrifted orphan costume was not going to cut it, I begged  commissioned our dear friend and accomplished seamstress, Mary, to take on the task  She happily accepted with minimal groveling. I gotta village yes I do! And takes one!

Lily wrote Grandma and Grandpa a thank you note this week.  They laughed at her choice of choice adjectives. She wrote that she had a butt load of fun spending the weekend with them.  Just keeping it real here lest you think she's well on her way to canonization.

Getting closer to perfecting the chewy cookie. Secrets are cake flour, melted butter, more brown than granulated sugar, 1 egg plus 1 egg yolk and chilled dough.

It was only a dream a fox was in my house last night.  I love foxes, but not in my house.

We watched American Hustle this week. I loved the entire cast and enjoyed it so much that I only slept through a half an hour of it. That's good for me late night on a school night. Still on my list are Twelve Years a Slave and The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Badgers are in the Elite Eight.  I'm not into March Madness, but Coach is.  I am into seeing him happy.

Promise keeping Lenten intentions.

Coach and the way he calms me, helps me see the light, talks me off the ledge, understands me, is yin to my yang, completes me.  I'll be most grateful if we never ever consciously uncouple.  WTH? (What the heck?)  I am not a fan of that word.

Jackleg.  A word I learned this week that I am fond of.

A half hour chat with my Dad as I dealt with turtle paced traffic.  He was cooking while I was driving and we were connecting.