Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2 day pass

i'm in a rut here.
figuratively in this blog space.
and literally in my life right now.
i'm still writing...just not much here.
my words are a little raw and personal for this forum at present.
i'm still getting up each morning and getting through every day, but truthfully it's a bit of a chore right now.
let's just say that i have a lot on my mind.
more weighing on my mind than on my plate, and that is dangerous for an over-thinker.
and yet at the end of the day, i am grateful for the abundant blessings in my life.
if i just look closely, they are always there to brace and comfort and ease.
looking back over the weekend, there were real and true joy moments.
there were pockets of contentment as soft and welcoming as my favorite flannels.
so while i am eager to get on with it, i must also look back and extract that marrow that sustains and keeps it all real.
real and good.
real good.
things like a walk and talk with a friend on a cold, but brilliantly sunny afternoon.
a good book that i could not put down but also didn't want to finish.
a moving homily that reminded me not to judge at a time when i am most porous and, therefore, sensitive to offend and prone to opine.
a hike at the audubon...my favorite place with my favorite girl where the trails were muddy and the ponds still frozen, but we both acknowledged the beauty even in the barrenness.
an impromptu pot of zuppa toscana and a loaf of crusty bread to warm my husband and brother in law after splitting wood on a cold spring saturday.
cheering our badgers on to the final 4 with some true basketball fans who embraced the neophyte in their mist that newbie being me.
watching frozen with my girl, her favorite movie in the world, on a sunday afternoon for her third time and my first.
little things like bike rides and leftover chinese and bagels and coffee.
big things like friendship and family and God.
so much good.
real good.