Friday, April 4, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

The way that sometimes when I come here to give thanks and I draw a bit of a blank, all I have to do is check out my Instagram. The photos in my feed always remind me of all the goodness in life...who and what inspires me. 


This recipe for Zuppa Toscana.  It was almost perfect except next time I will add more potato and spinach, a little less cream and a dash of acidity in the form of white wine or white wine vinegar.  I think a couple crusty, salty croutons made from a loaf of stale rustic bread would be lovely on top too.

Faith, Hope and Charity the sweetest hooded rats in the world, and also the pillars on which to live our lives.

The way Miss Bit loves our friend Mary and is so interested in her life.  She had a docket of questions for her when we stopped by last weekend, and a genuine interest in hearing all the answers. It was like I wasn't there for a few minutes in a good, proud way.  When we got in the car she said, "I just love Mary's house.  When I grow up, I want to live there." I think she means there with Mary.  She is drawn to the best.

Her orphan costume is adorable!  Mary really came through.

Coach for completing the taxes.

The Girl Scout Troop selling cookies at our grocery store last weekend had Caramel Delights.  I just threw out 5 boxes of GS cookies that were 3+ years old.  They were in the pantry forgotten because they weren't Caramel Delights.  The kids are already down a box.

My friend turned me onto this book of short stories after reading a NYT review.  It should be in my mailbox any day.  I am excited because empathy is a characteristic I hold in esteem.  I think that the narcissism and entitlement of our culture has left it in short supply.

Miss Bit had a last minute invite for a sleepover tonight.  She's my homebody so I celebrate when she spreads her wings.

She made a batch of chocolate chip cookies almost all by herself to take along with Ellie, Allie and Gregory, her bed mates.



Friends who offer to take your broken earring to the jeweler for repair.

Angels in Heaven.  My uncle went there one year ago today.