Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Soft is Brave

It takes courage to feel. 
I know this inside out.
I muster my mettle when I sit with sorrow.
It also takes guts to embrace true joy.
Indifference and hardness of heart are for the cowardly.
So I wonder why my gossamer skin makes me feel weak and shaky when I clearly value my sensitivity.
It's just that I don't know how not to feel everything.
I don't know how not to feel everything intensely.
I do know that my spongy nature often leaves me feeling vulnerable.
Another word for vulnerable is open.
It's true I absorb the positive and the negative.
The dark and the light.
The elixirs and the toxins.
And that's why soft is brave.
Brave isn't always the armor clad warrior nobly righting every wrong.
Sometimes the boldest shows of bravery are no shows at all.
It is also the gift of the lionhearted to know when to retreat and how to resign.
I won't always be seen, heard or understood no matter what I do or how desperately I may want to be.
I know I don't need to be right or on top or ahead.
I just need peace.
The kind of peace that comes from within.
You see real heroes know when to be humble.
And there is nothing more beautiful than humility in humanity.
It is that bit of divinity within us.
That glimpse of all that is good.
The real reason we want to be brave and soft.