Monday, April 14, 2014

2 day pass

there's only one thing I love more than a rainy day.
it's a rainy couple of days aka a rainy weekend.
stormy skies give permission to curl up with a book, or around the table for a game, or in the kitchen cooking while nina simone sings.
grey days are an invitation to sleep a little longer or maybe even all day.
no I didn't, but I would have if i could have.
rainy days are three coffee days with extra cream.
they are slow, deliberate, delicious.
coach managed to grill the first burgers of the season in between rounds of thunder and lightning.
and then we played a long overdue game of telestrations, which we've been talking about since it arrived with santa.
we celebrated palm sunday at church.
the passion always stirs me.
miss bit and i enjoyed a local high school's rendition of into the woods on sunday afternoon.
i saw it many moons ago on broadway, and it was but a distant memory.
we enjoyed all 3 hours of it even though we got caught in a late afternoon storm.
we hopscotched through puddles arm and arm giggling all the way to the car and i wanted to hit pause.
you know those moments...right?
yea we were wet, but content and together.
all the way home we made more plans as we drove straight through the city.
there are many more spring musicals to view and churches to attend.
coach and i had a backgammon tournament before sunday dinner.
he won, but i should have.
the dice gods were not on my side.
they almost never are when he is my opponent.
dinner was shredded turkey with gravy.
rainy days also are perfect for hearty crockpot dinners.
coach, tigger and I were the first to crawl into bed.
not surprising since we parents don't have spring break this week and those cats are shameless sleepers.
this morning miss bit was up at her usual time.
rumor has it that t. bone slept until noon.
snow is falling as forecasted.
i think we're all secretly wishing we were headed south.
yet i'm grateful to be staying home to celebrate easter in our church with our loved ones on sunday.