Tuesday, February 28, 2017


it was another weekend spent close to home.
that was just fine with me.
saturday both kids got up and left the house within minutes.
never mind that it was 11 o' clock and 12 o'clock.
she went rollerskating.
he went to workout and have dinner with a friend.
it was a long workout.
then she went to see ragtime at the high school.
i felt a little bad that i didn't tag along, but i was a serious lazy homebody saturday.
and i have no regrets.
i didn't even make dinner saturday night.
mike was happy to order chinese takeout.
sunday we were up early for church.
mike and i enjoyed a breakfast date while the kids had sunday school.
then i found my mojo in the kitchen.
i made chili and sunday sauce and a few other things.
lily and i did a grueling stretch video together while the boys watched the badgers.
for the record, she put me to shame, but was nice about it.
for the record...stretch more.
we gathered for sunday dinner.
then we girls watched a movie.
it was meh until the end when i found it slightly more compelling.
it failed to impress lil.
she went to bed and ted came down.
he sat beside me on the couch with a carton of ice cream and we watched the scandalous end of the oscars.
i saw the beginning and the ending and i think that's just the way to do it.
the only movie i wanted to win anything was lion.
it won nothing.
i think no matter the climate, the awards are always based more on politics than talent.
it was really nice to hang with teddy for a little bit at the end of the weekend.
i stayed up way too late and slept poorly.
it is the curse of sunday night.

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