Wednesday, February 8, 2017


the weekend was punctuated by equal parts sun and shade both literally and figuratively.
i know it didn't help that neither lily or i were feeling 100 percent.
but the truth is i cannot put it all off on physical ailments.
and really they pale in comparison to emotional upsets.
friday mike and i watched the light between oceans and both liked it lots.
it actually exceeded my expectations and was a rare case of appreciating the movie more than the book.
ted was busy much of the weekend with 2 shifts at work, an afternoon of volunteering and then hanging out with friends in his spare time.
lily spent time with friends at theaters and malls.
typical teen and tween life.
well, he's the only one of his friends who has a job, but i digress.
saturday we had dinner with some family.
it wasn't the best night.
i got stuck on some passing comments.
i left feeling sad.
i woke even sadder.
i really needed church on sunday morning, but my cough was relentless and so mike and i walked all around the city while lily attended sunday school instead.
it was cold and gray and punishing, and exactly what i needed.
then jess came for the super bowl baring spring flowers and red wine,
but she really came for dinner because we didn't much care for the game or the commercials.
in fact, i dozed through most of it.
i attribute my sleepiness to a combo of cold head and food coma (and wine).
mike grilled the most delicious ribs for dinner, and i made coleslaw and parker house potatoes.
it was a feast.
i'm feeling a little better both emotionally and physically with each passing day.

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