Tuesday, February 14, 2017


it was a weekend of dates.
thursday evening i attended the highly acclaimed disgraced. 
perhaps, a little too highly acclaimed, and yet i enjoyed the night out with a friend fully.
the characters felt flat, inauthentic and the plot contrived, but the company shined.
friday i had another date for another performance.
jess came over beforehand to help doll lily up for her valentine's dance.
she's beautiful every day, but i think she really felt it this night.
jess did her nails, her hair, her face, and saved my skin.
then we headed to the pabst to see the empress of soul, gladys knight.
we were an hour early so we used our time wisely to people watch and drink wine.
it was quite a crowd and a great show.
the highlights for me were some of the covers she sang like stay with me, and of course, midnight train to georgia.
jess liked landlord (wink wink).
after the show, we walked to elsa's for a snack and to see the collection of neon hearts.
we came home to find that lily won the grand door prize: a giant teddy bear...just what she needed.
and also that teddy had fun at work...yes, fun.
of course, within 24 hours he was talking about quitting his job.
oye ve.
saturday i was rather tired and lazy so i spent the day relaxing, reading, and catching up on a few shows.
we picked teddy up after work at 8:30 and headed out for a late family dinner.
it was a supreme evening despite the fact that the pizza napoletana was not quite as good as we recalled from our last visit.
sunday we had another family date at church, and it was, perhaps, the best of the weekend.
then lily and i headed to the oriental to see the much anticipated film, the lion.
it was the most moving movie i've seen in years.
i loved it so much that i came home and ordered long way home stat.
i'm hopeful it'll be a worthy successor to a little life which i am still pacing my way through.
i have but 100 skinny pages left.
mike grilled burgers for dinner at teddy's request.
we all enjoyed them though.
we all enjoyed it all as a matter of fact.

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