Friday, February 3, 2017

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Although Lily is feeling better, she woke up this morning with a red and crusty eye. That sent us to the doctor for meds because eye infections are nothing to mess around with. I'm sure she'll be ready for school and swimming come Monday. Fingers crossed.

Having health insurance even though it covers less and less and costs more and more. The prescription for her antibiotic was $158. I knew we could find something just as effective for a fraction of the cost. The pharmacist was patient, the rep from my insurance company helpful and the doctor's office compliant. She ended up with a drug in the same class for $5. Yes, it took over an hour, but if we don't advocate for our care and speak out against this kind of nonsense, it only gets worse. We lose more control and everything gets more expensive.

We spent the day together. I was a cold head mess too so we got our favorite lunches (Qdoba for her and tuna with peas for me) and snuggled in to watch a movie. We decided on Sully, and and it was a pretty good choice. It seemed short and the ending abrupt, but then I did stop it in the middle to pick up Ted.

That I was able to pick up Ted since he had to work at 4 o'clock. He gets home about a half hour earlier if I pick him up so that gives him more time to chill. He went straight from work to his friends house with his favorite buffalo chicken bites so I don't think work is affecting anything except his time playing PS4.

Comfort food. When I was sick, my mom would make me soft boiled eggs. I made myself a 6 minute egg the other morning and it made me feel better.

Good enough, in fact, to head out for a fast, brisk walk. It started to snow about midway through my miles and that was just fine by me. I was listening to a Moth podcast and I could have walked all afternoon.

 I found out there are regular story slams in my city. I'm definitely going to one. I don't think I'll commit to throwing my name in the hat yet, but maybe at some point although just writing that gives me heart palpitations.

The days are getting longer. The change of seasons is not something I usually embrace. In fact, I find any nature of change difficult, but I'm trying to be more open to it because it is so obviously out of my control.


A dinner date with my guy the other night. We went to a little pasta place we haven't been to in like 20 years and everything was wonderful: the time, the food, the wine. We haven't had pasta in at least 30 days so it was a treat. My scallops were the best I've had in as long as I can remember, and Mike's mushroom bolognese was rich and flavorful. The flourless chocolate cake I brought home for the kiddos and just had to sample was also a delight. There were little things we could have been annoyed about, but we decided that we were out enjoying the night and life was good.

My little stack of reads.

My reading buddy.

Another quiet weekend ahead. I love that about this time of year because it's easy to be in the moment not planning something or preparing for something. There's no yard work, or shopping or decorating.

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