Monday, February 6, 2017

On My Mind Monday

The only trick of friendship, I think, is to find people who are better than you - not smarter, not cooler, but kinder and more generous, and more forgiving - and then to appreciate them for what they can teach you, and try to listen when they tell you something about yourself, no matter how bad - or good - it might be, and to trust them, which is the hardest thing of all. But the best, as well.

Hanya Yanagihara
A Little Life

I'm treasuring this novel. The characters come alive. I feel like I know them, I can see them, and I'm rooting for them because while their bonds are thick, their lives are not always easy. I'm about halfway through the 700 some pages, but honestly it's taken restraint not to blow through it. Rumor has it that this one leaves you with a major book hangover and I've got nothing to parallel it in my cue so I'm trying to take my time.

I suppose it's no coincidence that I've been thinking a great deal about friendship lately. What it looks like to be a good friend. How it feels. I've had a couple major disappointments on that front. One friend continually disappoints me, but is such a part of my history, and another who really had me fooled. One saddens me and the other maddens me. I've also got some real gems though...strong and bright and shiny. One of them brought me these flowers the other day. I almost put tulips in my cart earlier in the day, and then I didn't. But if I had, they would have been yellow.

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