Wednesday, February 22, 2017


after the fullness of last weekend, i was looking forward to a low key few days.
i wanted time to read, workout, cook and spend time with my family.

1. i finished a little life. this is a book i will not soon forget. although i went to the library to pick up a new stash, i was unable to pick up another book all weekend long.

2. camouflaged cats. they are in that seasonal mode of following the sun.

3. teddy completed his behind the wheel and will be taking his driving test next week. he's quite a good driver and a pretty responsible young man so i think i'm ready. i won't miss having to pick him up from work at 9 o'clock, which was the case both friday and saturday night, but then maybe i will because some of the best talks we have are when he's shotgun beside me.

4. happy hour at casa wags. the windows were open wide, the music on loud and the grill fired up. lily painted, mike and i played cards and all was right in the universe.

5. just call her shopping queen. saturday she went to the third ward with a friend and monday she went to the mall with grandma. she was on a mission to get sunglasses for mexico. i think she's ready.

6. her nest.

7.  after a long walk through the park with my husband on a summer-like day, we enjoyed his best bbq ribs yet...ever. 

8. grandma judy brought me flowers and a book when she came to take lily shopping and for lunch. she's a keeper...that's for sure.

9. a roaring fire on a fall-like night. 

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