Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February Fifteenth

We celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday. It was a good day. Lots of sweets and love. I made the kids waffles with strawberries, cream and chocolate for breakfast, tucked extra large chocolate bars in their lunches to share with friends and made a French silk pie for dessert. I sent my guy off for the day with a found dose of cold meds. He's acquired the infection Lily and I have been battling for weeks now, yet I don't think he blames us...for getting him sick or taking almost all the drugs. He came home with pizzas for the kiddos although not Rocky's as is annual tradition because they had a 3 hour wait. Apparently, heart-shaped pizzas are a popular tradition this year. And yes, pizzas because they have divergent requests and we aim to please especially on Valentine's Day. He also brought a nice bottle of vino. I made us small salads so we could have a little pie. Never mind that they were small Caesar salads for today is a new day. And I have only had one bite of pie so far this morning. If you could taste this pie, you would understand instantly the willpower I am exerting. The kids liked their gifts. Lily was most jazzed about her sparkly glue in a rainbow of colors. Sparkly glue means slime. She's quite the slime master these days. Ted showed high excitement over some Vineyard Vines attire for Mexico, which he pronounces vine (long I) yard, much to my amusement. He likes colorful things too. The adults were happy with their gifts as well, but then we know best of all that the stuff is not what's important. They, for the most part, know it too.


What's important are traditions and connections and memories. Support, validation and dreams. Kind deeds, generous acts, thoughtful words, and open hearts. And love. Not just on February 14th, but every day. Always. 365 people.


I've been in a bit of a shady place, and yet, I still know and believe this.  And despite the fact I've been wallowing a bit, I am not joking when I tell you that my heart is filled with just as much if not more gratitude than when I'm soaring. Attention to the extraordinary ordinary and appreciation for the dailiness of life is profound and powerful stuff friends. I aim not to live large. I aim to live lots.


The best of life is what happens in the moments in between. In the trenches is where there are riches.

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