Monday, November 23, 2015

two day pass

the weekend felt long.
i think it might have something to do with our very first snowfall.
waking up to a world whitewashed saturday slowed time.
the kids were happy.
i was most content too curled up with a good book, a strong coffee and a couple cats.
this weekend i started fates and furies.
i liked it right away, but it's not the kind of book i can slip into and out of effortlessly.
that is to say i didn't read as much as i schemed.
i had visions of holing up in flannels all weekend long.
but duty calls, and it turns out as much as i love to spend time with my books,
i much prefer the company of my real life children.
friday was pizza and movie night.
lily and i cued up the age of adeline while ted went to see bond with friends.
she cried all the way through already grasping at the tender age of 11 that to never grow old would mean living through too many losses.
sunday we all enjoyed the mockingjay even if i might have rathered a viewing of love the coopers.
when i offered to forfeit my ticket to ted's friend, both the kids seemed sincerely disappointed.
saturday i hung out with ted in my basement kitchen.
he played video games and enjoyed having an audience while i realized it is possible to boil noodles in the micowave.
noodles for homemade mac & cheese, which the kids have been craving and the tuna casserole i've been dreaming about.
i also cranked out a batch of banana muffins and a spinach pie.
lil came home from softball practice and a swim date, ted left for open gym and jess came for dinner.
we ordered in.
coach came home from hunting sunday afternoon very happy for a shower.
we watched the packers win before turning in early for bed.
this is a short holiday week.
there's a chill in the air that feels festive and a hint of charged excitement too.

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