Tuesday, November 3, 2015

two day pass

the weekend was a long exhale after a frenetic week of illness and chaos.
it was the kind of week that had me questioning how much more we could take aloud and angry.
it was the kind of weekend that reminded me that there are always people to turn to and count on.
family and friends who show up where and when you most need them.
friday my brother and sil came bearing bags full of snacks and libations for happy hour.
it was so thoughtful and appreciated along with my sil's design advice.
it was the perfect send off for the week and segue into the weekend.
saturday i woke at the crack of dawn although it was hard to tell.
it was a dark and dismal scene.
perfect for a slow and lazy entry.
the sky spit all day long.
normally i see this and i smile, but i knew it would put a damper on trick or treat.
mike and i met our contractor and designer at a showroom first thing and made some more choices.
plumbing and lighting this time.
i don't see myself ever building a house for the record.  
jess came at my urging invitation to help get lily witched in the afternoon.
a little rain was not going to put a stop to her candy canvasing. 
for years many years ago, my mom was beside me on this day so it can be a rough one for me.
it's much less so with jess here.
ted decided not that he's too old for trick or treat, but that it was too wet.
he went to work out and hang out with friends.
completely age appropriate behavior.
we ordered chinese for dinner.
it was a takeout smorgasbord and food coma inducing. 
sunday i woke early again, but to an entirely different day.
it was bright and billowy...beautiful.
i may even like the lighter morning hour more than i miss the longer day.
the high point of the weekend for me was returning to mass on sunday.
it set the tone for the day.
my dad met us at home after church with his heavy duty leaf blower.
in an hour and half flat, our yard looked like a putting green.
it was a lifesaver.
he was a lifesaver.
we came together for sunday lunch before going our separate ways.
then we gathered again for sunday dinner: grilled tenderloin, roasted brussels sprouts and buttery garlic bread made for a simple, but satisfying meal.
the lessons for the weekend were as easy as: say 'yes,' say 'no', say 'i'm sorry' and say 'thank you.'
i said them all on repeat.

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