Thursday, November 19, 2015

Diary of a New Kitchen - Part I

This remodel is a long long time coming.  A decade of dreaming.  We knew we wanted to gut the kitchen the day we moved in ten years ago.  But as other things like new furnaces, chimneys, windows, air conditioners happened we sort of learned to appreciate the antique aesthetics.  Then last November the double ovens blew.  They ceased to operate on the same day after a marathon weekend of roasting.  We bought a counter top oven and agreed to table the project until after the holidays.  January arrived and we started to meet with contractors and designers.  In the first ten months of the year while we obviously took our time finding the right fit, the rest of the appliances dropped like flies.  I've been making due with a skeleton crew.  Honestly, we've been more than making due, which is why we didn't feel pressured to speed the plow.  That is until it became clear what we wanted and who we wanted to work with.  That was roughly a month ago.  The kitchen won't be complete until after the first of the year, but already there has been much progress.

1 week before demo

Clocks will return.

Soffits will be removed.

In fact, everything will be taken out.

New appliances are on order.

The sink will finally be centered.

New windows are on order too.

Night before demo

It looks so sad and bare.

I'm not the least bit sad to get rid of this gold.

Or these built in ovens.

A new window that actually opens is one of the most coveted inclusions.

Goodbye formica and linoleum.

Day 1 of demo

It's a bare box.

The minute Ralph leaves, he comes out of hiding.

Day 2 of demo 

 Down to the studs.

 There were no surprises behind the walls.

Curious cats.

Last week

 Electrical, plumbing, heating and insulation were put in before the drywall was put up.  It was dusty, but much less so than I anticipated.


The walls were painted Durham beige.


 I made dinner in our makeshift basement kitchen.

Beef stew and garlic bread.

It's a little comical and irritating to have to go out the front door to the garage where the full-size refrigerator is, but it could be worse.  We could have to trudge through the snow.  It's a bit annoying and challenging to feel my way in the dark to my Keurig to make a pot of coffee, but turning on the fluorescents instantly blows a fuse.   I've learned not to run the microwave and the oven at the same time for the same reason, and to take a basket on my refrigerator pilgrimages.  We're adapting and maybe just enjoying the adventure a little bit.  And really I'm not cooking any less.  Between my crock pot, my panini press, the microwave, the oven and Mike's grill, we're still preparing delicious homemade meals most of the time.  Last night I even made an apple crisp so we're more than surviving.  Life is good and this kitchen is going to be so much appreciated.

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