Tuesday, November 10, 2015

two day pass

i love weekends.
it's no epiphany.
it's just the truth.
this past weekend certainly was no exception.
it held a just right mix of improve and structure.
i have accepted that i don't have much desire to make plans on friday nights.
friday nights are for decompressing and pizza.
quiet friday nights in make it all the more possible to wake early on saturday mornings.
saturday is the best day so it ought to be the longest.
mike and i picked out our slab and also our pendants first thing.
then we picked up the kids and headed out for breakfast.
i was impressed by how quickly they motivated and dressed.
eggs never tasted so good.
the boys tackled the yard while lily and i did a little shopping.
she needed breeches and gloves for riding.
i dropped her at pitching practice, and ted went to hang out with friends.
we grilled dinner, watched a movie and were in bed early again.
sunday started with church and then held the normal mix of chores, homework and football.
i met jess for dinner.
we met stella.
she's a 9 week old beagle pup who is cute even while she is peeing on a menu on the bar.
we shared a nice tempranillo and a sampling of pinchos the stand out of which were the brussel's sprout chips with lemon aioli and a short rib tagliatelle topped with manchengo that melted in our mouths.
we both were grateful we were able to experience the lion.
it was different than any show i have seen before.
it's still with me days after.
and, of course, now i'm already thinking of the weekend to come.

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