Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Inventory

Reading: Small Victories and finding a mostly kindred spirit in Anne Lamott.  It's What I Do: A Photographers Life of Love and War and living vicariously through Lynsey Addario. The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults and feeling grateful that I finally acted on my friend Mary's recommendation.  Thanks Mary!  Slouching Towards Bethlehem because how can I never have read this being the faithful fan of Joan Didion that I am? And Mockingjay aloud with Lily.

Wondering whether we should get a fourth kitchen consult.  I wasn't kidding many months ago when I said it would be Thanksgiving before we had a kitchen.  Now I may have to amend that to New Year's.

Noticing the way the yard has come to life.  Everything is growing and blooming, and everyone is out and about chirping and screeching and buzzing. 

Watching nothing noteworthy.  The nights are so full we don't sit down for dinner until almost 8 o'clock.  That leaves little time for programming and I'm better for it.  I am happier when I read myself to sleep, and please see reading...I've got quite a stack to navigate and a few new ones waiting for me at the library.

Listening see noticing. 

Eating the first nectarines of the season, lots of grilled chicken and pork,  salads, and too late.

Drinking last week prosecco, montepulciano and chianti.  A little chardonnay too.  I drank my first soda in ages.  And then I drank a couple more, and I realized how much I missed them and more importantly how addictive they are.  It's true what they say: sugar free soda is just as bad for us as the sugar laden.

Wanting to embrace the open months ahead with a free and spontaneous spirit.  I am a planner.  I like a schedule, but I am also a dreamer and a be here nower.  Think Walt Whitman:  "Do I contradict myself?  Very well then, I contradict myself.  I am large, I contain multitudes."

Wearing my favorite skirts (Athleta, Hanna and Garnet Hill) and Birks.  All the kids are wearing Birks now.  I didn't start wearing them until I was in college and my feet had stopped growing.  I still have my first pair.  Lily's been wearing them.  Of course, she wants her own pair now, but I'm not sure she needs or will really wear them, and her feet are still weeds.  Maybe for her birthday.

Hoping Lily can make some neighborhood connections.  We've had a yard full of boys many a day or night this spring and I know she wishes she could meet some girls to hang out with in that casual, constant way.

Thinking of all the projects I want to complete.  And wishing I were more decisive and handy.  Moneyed too.  And on the flip side I'm thinking that I can't let perfect ruin good, or loose sight of the fact that we are blessed to live the way we do where we do.

Enjoying the extended hours of daylight.  The golden hour seems to come and stay awhile, and the gloaming lingers too.  It's such a magical time of day filled with long shadows and low light.  

Loving Any reminder to be present like these Anne Dillard words: "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."  Also Anne Beattie's Snow and these words: "Who expects small things to survive when even the largest get lost? People forget years and remember moments." Really sit with those sentiments.