Friday, May 1, 2015

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Dinner with an old friend this week.  I didn't realize how much I missed her until I saw her coming down the driveway.  We shared a bottle of wine, a salad, two girly pizzas, and too many to count stories about our lives in the past year since we were together last.

Leftovers for lunch the next day.

Saying yes and saying no.

A spa retreat with my step mother and sister-in-law.  in the 24 hours we were away, we were massaged and soaked and scrubbed.  We wined and we dined.  We walked and we talked and slept in beds white and fluffy as cumulus clouds.  It was such a much needed respite.

Delight.  It's the name of the polish on my toes.  It is a cross between sky blue and aqua sea and it makes me happy.  Never mind that the nail tech told me all the young girls choose it.

Finally speaking real time and completely honestly with my oldest friend.  It was cathartic to emote. We bitched, we cried and we laughed, and then we thanked God and our mothers for one another.

Summer schedules panning out.  Sam will be with us for the beginning and everyone is cheering about that most of all me!

Spring cleaning.  I've been on a serious mission to clean the grout in the bathrooms.  It feels so good to purge and deep clean.

Bow ties and boys who will wear them.

Teddy and Lily made cookies together this week while Jess and I sat at the kitchen table supervising.  It was a comedy routine.

A long overdue visit to the salon this week.

Sarah Manguso's Ongoingness.  As a kindred lifelong journaler, I'm relating to this work on many levels.  I'm also dog earing almost every other page.

Lily opted for Mockingjay as our current read aloud and we were able to get right into it.  It's keeping me awake for much longer than usual and we haven't even gotten to the most engaging parts yet.

T. Bone's graduation speech.  All the 8th graders had to write and deliver a commencement speech.  I thought it was a meaningful assignment, and I was touched by my son's words.

A summery weekend forecast.