Friday, May 22, 2015

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

This piece on satisfaction.  I always find such humble wisdom in Karen Maezen Miller's words.

Team Lightning played their first game last night.  Lily didn't want to pitch, and then she did.  She did pitch and then she wanted to pitch.  And she did really well.  Oh and they won and went out for ice cream after to celebrate.

Going to bed early every night this week and sleeping like a rock.

Getting to see Ted win his match.

Getting up early this morning to ready the kids for their annual before school breakfast with dad and then getting myself to work early to finish a project so I can enjoy a really long weekend.

A family outing to see The Book of Mormon Sunday.  Adults only.  I am beyond excited to see this show.

A spot opened up at theater camp for Lily in July.

Spotting a bluebird on one of my walks through the park this week.


The first watermelon of the season.  We polished one off this week.

A bbq with friends tomorrow night.  The forecast says it will be beautiful.