Friday, May 15, 2015

Grateful Friday...

Today I give thanks for...

Tickets to my show for Mother's Day from Coach.  I just turned on Pandora and Chuckie's in Love is on.

My brother's Harp burgers delivered to my door, and that he thought to share one with me.

Their heartfelt cards and handmade creations.  The best!

Spring fruits and vegetables and also this lemon chicken with poached asparagus and pan potatoes.  Simple and scrumptious.

T. Bone's graduation speech will be one of a handful printed in the program.  I'm proud because he has become such an articulate writer and it was not the easiest of roads for him.

Lily will be honored at the annual Student of the Quarter dinner in June.  It's an honor given to one boy and one girl per grade per trimester and, thus, quite an honor.

A stack of books.  I'm reading them all simultaneously, but they're vastly different.  I started and almost finished Lamott's Small Victories on the farm tonight.  There was something so sublime to be enjoying a perfect night and her poetic words in such a bucolic setting.  I'm thinking that act set the tone for the weekend.

Looking up.

Friday on the's cathartic.

How comfortable and happy she is in this arena now.

Rain even if it does seem that the minute the crab apple tree blooms, we're hit with a deluge. 

A date with Mike tomorrow.

A trip to Yelllowstone planned for this summer.

A quiet house.  The boys are at a baseball tournament and Lily is at a school dance.  That's my cue to curl up with a cat and my stack.

Jukebox Hero is on now!