Tuesday, May 19, 2015

two day pass

this weekend was summer's preamble.
a maple tree that was budless saturday morning grew baby leaves overnight.
where there were no ferns, suddenly a dense patch appeared.
the fat bellied robins run around the yard wrenching worms from the ground until gloaming.
the chipmunks have begun to blaze a trail from the cover of the pines to the bounty of the feeders.
i woke to bird song followed closely by the din of mowers.
the air alternates between the permeating smell of petrichor to the nostalgic smell of fresh cut grass, and then grilled meats.
and the boys caterwaul all day longing for a spot on the sun-kissed patio.
these days and nights are both familiar and full.
familiar scents and sounds and sights.
full of activities and outings and gatherings.
t. bone had his first baseball tournament of the season.
the knights started off strong friday night and then it ended all too soon and way too early sunday morning.
the thing is that he was happy to spend the free time saturday golfing with family, and running around the neighborhood with friends sunday.
it is quintessential childhood, and reminds me of my own.
only i just text him when it's time to come home.
my mom had to shout.
miss bit went from riding to a school dance friday.
and then she was my sidekick for the remainder, which neither one of us seem to mind.
we shopped and went for pedicures now that it is officially flip flop weather.
she also practiced pitching with her dad.
she's so loving softball, and her first game is this week.
every night there is something...something good.
mike and i went out for dinner saturday just the two of us.
the food was meh, but the time together was great.
we had family dinner sunday night much later than i like,
but the sun was still high in the sky.
i have to give in to the fact that we are easing into summer time.
which is to say that the days and nights are fluid and yielding and free.
familiar and full too.