Tuesday, May 12, 2015

two day pass

and i think to myself what a wonderful world...
the theme song for the weekend.
oh. i love a little louis armstrong as i loved this quaint collection of days.

there were skies of blue-
friday on the farm...
lily and admiral were back arm and arm (more like in the saddle).
they'll learn much more than i'll ever know-
and for that i am beyond grateful

the colors of the rainbow so pretty on jess's charcuterie plate-
blue (roquefort) and white (cheddar)...purple (grapes) and red (wine).
some crackers and...a baguette too, she's really saying:
i really like you.

the next bright blessed day of baseball and softball-
felt full even before our girl's day out.
i see friends clapping hands saying-
thank you to peter and the star catcher's cast and crew...
for making us belly laugh for a minute or two.
(actually, i'm still smiling.)

i see moms of heart and soul sayin' how do you do-
over a glass of chardonnay and it's true...
it's a wonderful world when you see it with your crew.
(or tribe, clan or few.)

i see lanes of neon, and jewel toned balls too,
and i hope i'll throw a strike, or a spare for you.
then i'll dance the night away as i think to myself...
what a wonderful world.

after a dark friend filled night,
i wake to a dreary mother's day.
the sun may as well be shining...
i can feel her warmth and love my way.

and i think to myself...
what a wonderful world.

yes, what a wonderful world.