Saturday, January 3, 2015


It's my word for 2015.  It's not particularly juicy or provocative.  It's just right.  It's timely as we usher in a new year and also forgiving enough to gently lead me out of what often felt like a stifling 2014.  I spent much of last year feeling stuck.  Words like indecisive, doubtful, powerless and unstable come to mind.  I don't need to be unicorns and rainbows happy all the time, but I am much more comfortable when I feel resolute and strong.  Contentment is what I seek.  Feeling at peace with where I am and where I am going is all I want at the end of the day or year.  2014 was a year that taught me what a tall order equanimity can be.

So this past week I spent a great deal of time mulling things over...not looking back, but rather ahead.  I am a firm believer that what we see is what we create.  That where and how we channel our energy becomes our destiny.  I've been manifesting: looking inward and onward, and it's been heavy.  I didn't read or write for seven days so as not to shift focus or invite distraction.  I also didn't take but a photo or two.  I wasn't much inspired to, but then this morning I woke up to see that it snowed over night.  The inches they predicted arrived and the sub zero temperatures will too, yet as the world around me disappears and freezes, I emerge and thaw.  Here I am feeling inspiration to capture and write words and take move forward into the days ahead that will slowly reclaim more light.