Monday, January 26, 2015

2 day pass

last night before i turned in, i looked back over the weekend behind.
i didn't have high expectations at its onset.
i came home after work friday afternoon and went straight to bed.
cold head even mugs of tea and doses of drugs did little to relieve was to blame.
at the end of it all though, it was a fine coupling of days.
and, of course, this is usually the case...
low expectations yielding high rewards.
the less we expect, the more we get.
pleasantly surprised we say.
so when i woke early to make t. bone a hot breakfast before a day on the slopes saturday,
i was happy to hit the trails anew instead of my pillows again.
the sky was a showy mix of stormy clouds and slivers of sky.
before my miles were complete, the clouds lost.
the sun high in the sky had me shedding layers and for just a moment...
thinking of spring.
january thaw we say.
while miss bit sang her heart out at voice, i curled up with a mug of orange cinnamon tea and a book.
i have missed this saturday hour during which i have permission to simply pass time.
guilty pleasure we say.
a little of this and a little of that and it was gloaming.
it was our monthly bowling night, and we had fun being out together and with friends.
i bowled well...carried coach as a matter of fact..
all for one and one for all we say.
sunday we woke to only the slightest trace of snow.
we're coveting that nor'easter headed to the coast.
dreaming of being stranded in a cozy and well stocked home for just a day or two.
the measly inch or two of snow promised will fall today or so they say.
a day late and a dollar short we say.
after church, coach and i went for breakfast.
it's our standing sunday date.
i wanted scones or croissants or muffins, but i ordered the steel cut oats with almonds and honey and extra honey.
that spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down we say.
it does.
my bed was calling after a late night, an early morning and a dose of strong cold meds, but i resisted.
ted was with friends, coach was playing plumber/painter (and doing so quite well i must add), and it seemed like the perfect time to have a little one on one with my girl.
we spent the afternoon at the studio painting pottery.
we were both very our elements we say.
when we arrived home, jess surprised us with a visit.
she had a tougher week than i did so we poured a little wine.
it's 5 o'clock somewhere we say.
and it was.
pasta two ways was for dinner so jess wisely accepted an invitation.
i made mac and cheese, and a pasta caprese.
i don't mind being a short order cook on sundays.
no one else seemed to mind either as both dishes were well approved and very much enjoyed.
and now here we are...
it's monday again.
this is a full week ahead for our family and yet, i'm already looking ahead to next weekend.
don't wish your life away we say.