Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January Inventory

Reading  Me Before You.  I started it again last night.  Before the holidays, I read a few chapters and then set it aside.  I've also been paging my way through my new cookbooks Prune and the new Barefoot Contessa both of which are treats.  Slowly I've been digesting Mary Oliver's Blue Horses and I finally read Truman Capote's trio of holiday short stories. Waiting patiently are the House Beautiful kitchen tome and Lamott's short but meaty Bird by Bird.  I plan to read Wild again after being left completely raw by the movie.  The subzero temperatures and gift of this much coveted reading wedge make for almost guilt-free escapes into my growing stack. 

Wondering if we will successfully refinish the desk we bought for Lily's room.  It was a little more work than I thought, but it will be worth it if it turns out.  When we presented the old ugly (but beautifully made) very brown desk to her on Christmas morning, she loved it immediately.  I wondered if she would be disappointed because it wasn't perfect, but I should have known better because that girl never lets perfect ruin good and always sees the good in everyone and everything.  By the time we're through, it'll end up costing about the same as a brand new one, but I like the idea of taking something discarded and giving it a home and new life. 

Noticing that already the sun is suspended a little higher in the sky, and also the way the sky shines pink as we cross the river travelling west at the end of the day.

Watching Master Chef Jr., Top Chef and The Taste still, and sadly the last four episodes of Parenthood soon.  Coach and I watched The Master the other night, and were chawed that we cannot retrieve that chunk of time.  I saw Wild yesterday and while it deserves a post of it's own, I'm still processing the range of emotions it made me feel.  I loved it though and felt that it was a noble adaptation of book to film and also beautifully cast.  I found the fractured storytelling compelling, and was thankful for the moments of comedy amidst the predominance of sadness, struggle and pain..

Listening to a quiet house.  My family made fun of my obsession with Christmas carols this season.  I pretty much had Pandora on 24/7.  That is to say that I got my fill, but I just ordered the Wild soundtrack.  I cannot tell you the last time that I purchased a CD, but I had to have this hauntingly poignant compilation so soon I'll be listening to this and crying in my car.  I concede that I'm a tad consumed.

Eating healthy.  No more cheese and sausage or butter or Christmas cookies.  Well, at least not until Sunday when we go cheer on the Packers in the play offs.  My Dad is making wings.

Drinking lots of water and tea.  I'm grooving on Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green Tea, and I always love Harney and Son's Cinnamon Sunset.

Dreaming about cabinets and countertops.  It's more of a nightmare if I am to be frank.

Feeling strong.

Wanting to stay strong.

Wearing my perfect new wool clogs that were a gift from Mike for Christmas.  Thanks Love!

Hoping that it warms up just a little before the weekend when T. Bone has a much looked forward to ski trip planned.

Thinking that I really don't want to go out in the cold today and that I should probably start putting Christmas away and I need to workout and plan dinner and that I wished I had ordered that CD to be sent priority.

Enjoying a month of serenity and solitude.  January is a month to be cozy and quiet.

Loving $5 Tuesdays at the movies, MyFitnessPal, winter, the way the kids write such thoughtful thank yous even though they groan about the task, the way my cats talk to me, El Condor Pasa, and the way we are all broken and deserve redemption.