Friday, September 12, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Meditation.  Even if my cats find my stillness a challenge.  They rub on me, try to sit on my lap and purr in my face.

The concept of response versus reaction.  I'm working toward being more mindful of not only what I say and do, but also how I feel.

The recent changes in my relationship with my Dad.  We have always been close, but something has shifted and now I feel that our relationship is more authentic.

A belated birthday lunch with Candace.  I really cherish our friendship and feel so lucky to have her in my life because she is the real deal.  Real and true.

Lily has adjusted seamlessly to middle school.  She is up earlier every morning and enthusiastic about her day.  She is organized and on top of things too.  Last night I noticed that she was completing a task her reading teacher had not yet assigned.  When I asked her about it she told me, "Well, it's written on the board." That's my girl!

I had the opportunity to visit all of her teachers last night and I know she is in good hands.  The fifth grade team is absolutely stellar...not a weak link in the lot of them.

T. Bone is weathering a rather tough week thanks to a sore mouth as he preps for braces round II, a nagging cold and very little free time because of football. Ice cream, cold meds and hopes for a good game tomorrow are helping.

Quesadilla cheese.  It melts perfectly and is so so creamy.

The boys survived a trip to the vet.  It was their first in 3 years.  They each gained 2 pounds and now they are on a diet.  I tried to tell Dr. Frank that they are just big boned. They both also had a case of the stink eye.  Apparently, there is no known treatment for that.

Miss Bit had her first riding lesson today.  She was a little looking forward to this all day.  Heck, all week!  It was even more than she had hoped for.  I took like 500 pictures so stay tuned.  Oh and she'll be riding until December so I apologize in advance for the 5000 more I've yet to take.

And she is more excited for swimming too now that she found out a friend has joined the club.  Amen to that!

Fall theatre line ups at area high schools.  Miss Bit and I love to spend a Sunday afternoon at a show.

We survived the first full week.  The boys are out celebrating and strategizing over pizza and beverages with the football team.  Miss Bit and I are cozy at home with our girl's choice supreme pizza with extra onions.