Monday, September 1, 2014

2 day pass

after a week of much togetherness, coach and i enjoyed friday to ourselves.
we traveled north to port washington
where we walked along the water, shopped a little and had a nice dockside lunch.
the rainy forecast was errant...
it was a bright and breezy day.

lil returned from her waterpark birthday party
and the three of us went for happy hour at a local biergarten.
it was very family friendly -
there were more kids and dogs than beer drinkers.
we enjoyed sitting beneath the tall trees and beside the river at this quaint spot.
and also a couple games of spot it, and a giant pretzel too.

saturday this beauty had a back to school salon visit.
all the swimming this summer had taken a toll on her locks.
she's just happy that her hair is still long.

 we did some shopping at our favorite east side shops
to stock up on sciortino's rolls, glorioso's pizza fixings and whole foods homemade tortilla chips.
the chips accompanied miss bit's guacamole and my choriqueso, which we took to a badger party that eve.
we made sandwiches for the beach the next day on the rolls.
our neighbor declared his turkey sandwich a-m-a-z-i-n-g and wanted me to give his mom the recipe.
that is the second of ted's friends to say such a thing.
we woke to a sky of haze on sunday morning and worried that it wasn't the kind of day that screamed beach.
but a little fog and a few clouds do not deter this crew so we headed north to the sheboygan lake michigan shore.
the beach looked otherworldly ensconced in low lying clouds.
the grey blue sky melted into the grey blue water in the most magical of ways.
the water was numbingly freezing, but before too long we were all declaring it r-e-f-r-e-s-h-i-n-g!
we stayed long enough for the fog to lift, the sky to brighten and then the fog to return.

after all that swimming, we worked up quite an appetite.
while the dough rose for pizzas and the fire smoldered for smores, we chilled on the patio.
coach spotted this arachnid (spider just does not do him justice) in a beautiful web, peanut spotted a wee toad and i spotted a very fearless hummingbird moth.
our neighbors stopped by to get their son, and stayed until monday morning.
now they want to invest in coach's pizza palace.

today we woke to rain.
a few sprinkles cannot keep teddy off the course - he and a friend are golfing as i type.
miss bit is worrying about what she will wear to school tomorrow and when i will get off the computer so she can get on.
it will be a relaxing day spent close to home.
at the end of it, we will enjoy the last family dinner of the summer:
strawberry cream crepes for them and chicken marsala for us.
we'll say goodbye to summer vacation a tad begrudgingly, and hello to a new school year with a hint of excitement.
it's been real.
it's been fun.
it's been real fun.