Monday, September 15, 2014

2 day pass

all I wanted to do friday after a very full week was nothing.
nada, nil, zilch.
but miss bit had her first riding lesson so we headed north to the farm in the cold dreary rain.
all she wanted to do was ride a horse.
and ride she did after short lessons on brushing and saddling up.
she and admiral were fast friends, even though he was slow and easy.
i made friends with winston, the overly friendly barn cat, and some free range chickens.
after her lesson, she made friends with every other horse on the farm.
she is a bit of a horse whisperer my equine loving little lady.
you see, while she went to the bathroom, i tried sweet talking the horses in the barn.
stall by stall they ignored me.
they averted their molten chocolate eyes uninterested.
but when miss bit returned to make her rounds stall by stall, each and every horse came to the gate for some sugar.
sweet talkin' not candy cubes.
it was really something quite humbling to witness the connection between girl and horse.
between horse and girl.
i woke up saturday morning rested and restored.
it was a perfect fall day.
crisp and cool football weather welcomed us.
t. bone played a tough defensive game.
the team lost in the final few seconds, but oh well.
lily went with grandma and grandpa for a 24 hour whirlwind including a fall festival, fireworks and a trail ride.
i think the last time my dad rode a horse was when i was about my daughter's age.
coach, t. bone and i opted out of a party in lieu of a chill saturday night.
we carried out our favorite steak tacos and settled in to watch mud.
mud was the goonies of the bayou and good, the mexican was great.
t. bone is now a three taco guy.
when did that happen? i wonder?
sunday afternoon we gathered at my bro and sil's
 for a bbq and a lucky packer victory.
it was a great family night at the end of a full weekend.
 it all ended too soon.
sunday night is still something of a shock to our systems this time of year.