Sunday, December 2, 2012

2 day pass

it's true we ushered in december this weekend.
it's also true that it felt more like almost summer than almost winter.
we turned off the furnace, fired up the grill and once again found our flip flops.
we took a long walk along the lake shedding layers as we clocked miles.
even if the lights hadn't shorted out on the bushes out front last night, it would have felt ridiculous to turn them on.
we had a nice visit with my uncle who is pretty much housebound now.
he lives in the house my dad and his siblings grew up in.
the same house i grew up in too on many weekends, vacations and almost every sunday for family dinner.
i stood surveying the small kitchen sort of amazed that so many of us gathered comfortably around the table at its center.
it seemed so huge when i was a child.
that's the thing about childhood innocence...the world looks epic and you believe life is eternal.
everything about being there makes me hyper sensitive to time's passing.
it sort of haunted me the rest of the weekend.
i wasn't good company so it was a good thing the rest of the fam had other plans.
miss bit had a sleepover at grandma and grandpa's.
she only called home twice before bed because she missed us so much.
she's been on an overnight hiatus that she decided must continue.
i concur for the sake of the hosts.
t.  bone hung out with a friend and played in two basketball games.
then he sprained his ankle in the last few minutes of the second game.
now he's hobbling around.
coach had dates with a couple football teams.
we celebrated the start of advent during sunday night dinner.
while we enjoyed our chicken hot off the grill and the warm breeze from the open patio door, i had to remind myself that the countdown is on .
soon we will celebrate the birth of jesus.

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