Thursday, December 6, 2012


St. Nick came to fill stockings some time over night.  I didn't hear him.  I was sound asleep until T. Bone came to wake me at 6:00.  He was already dressed and eager to go downstairs to see what St. Nick left.
As he hovered over me, I rolled over and woke a still sleeping Miss Bit.  She was tucked in beside me whilst her Daddy is in Miami for a few days.  She asked for a couple minutes to wake up and stretch.  Hmmm...I thought, this sure is a case of role reversal, but then I realized she was just getting amped up on the anticipation.  She was every bit as excited to get her spoils as her brother.

Only adding to the excitement of the early, dark morning was the fact that St. Nick brought more than small gifts and sugary treats.  He delivered Fred, our feisty albeit festive elf.  Miss Bit has been waiting ever so patiently while all of her friends have reunited with their elfin friends. She has been waiting and wishing on Fred. There was nothing she didn't absolutely L-O-V-E that came out of her stocking from a colorful supply of Duck Tape to a smelly assortment of body lotions.  T. Bone, while less enthusiastic, was happy to have a new winter hat and an I Tunes card for his clan game.  I saw him crack a smile when he realized St. Nick chose a golf ornament for him this year.

They emptied the tuna treats and mice toys from the cat's stockings once they tore through their own.  Surprisingly, they didn't ask to eat any candy before breakfast, but I made them sugar cookie Pop Tarts and I'm pretty sure that those little pastries are as good a source of  sucrose as candy canes and chocolate Santas.

My girl couldn't stop telling me, Fred, anyone who would listen just how over the moon happy she was.  That's the magic in all of this for me: hearing their gratitude and feeling their excitement.  The smallest things can bring the biggest joy.  These are the times that remind me just how little it takes to rock their world.


Lady Cordelia said...

Keep reading about this filling of stockings or shows before Christmas day. What is all this about? xo

Lady Cordelia said...

meant SHOES (boots, actually) not shows.

Evie said...


It's a tradition celebrating St. Nicholas who is remembered for his generosity and his kindness toward children. The kids leave out their stockings on the night of December 5th and he fills them with treats and small gifts. I love it because it is easy to find little gifts that delight and it is special because they aren't getting tons of gifts from everyone.