Friday, December 21, 2012

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

The Mayans were wrong.

Peanut for waking me up this morning with his playful antics.  I didn't set my alarm.  And not because I thought it was the end of the world and I didn't need too btw.  I just forgot.

The way the lake looked like a sea of moguls this morning.  The sun was melting the snow and all the bare tree branches shimmered in tiny icicles.

Christmas shopping with my daughter this weekend.  She was excited to pick out just the right gifts to give.  She is only 8, but she earns, saves and then spends her own money to make someone else feel special.  She is already learning that it feels just as good, if not better, to give than to receive.

I also took T. Bone to makes his purchases and I was impressed how thoughtfully he regards his options.  He's not much of a shopper, but he takes his time and trudges from store to store to ensure that he is giving a gift he can be proud of.  He too understands that the ability to give is the best gift.

The bell ringer at the grocery store singing Joy to the World in a voice so beautiful, that I wondered why she didn't have an audience.

Dinner A Love Story helping me to perfect my chicken noodle soup.  I credit the white wine and Parmesan rind with taking my soup to a new level.

A tin of Harney & Sons Cinnamon Sunset tea in the mail.  Merry Christmas to me!

Breakfast with Santa last weekend.  We celebrate this annual tradition with friends who are family each year.  We ran into another friend there and it was a nice surprise to have a little christmas cheer together before setting off on busy days.  The food was nothing to write home about, but the setting and Mr. Claus sure make up for it.

T. Bone sat on Santa's lap.  I think this might be the last year he fits.

Santa always reminds the kids, "Remember, Santa only brings what Santa thinks you should have."

Tomorrow Miss Bit and I are taking the Grandmas and Aunt Jess to The Nutcracker.  After the show, we will share some Christmas cheer before driving home along the lake to be dazzled by the light displays.  I cannot express how excited I am for this event.

Prancer Returns and popcorn this week.

Random Acts of Kindness.  A scarf for a friend just because.  Cookies and a mended pillow on my doorstep from a friend just because.  Holding more doors, giving more smiles and having better manners. 

Fresh spices.  Some people lose their minds in a shoe department or surrounded by spools of fabric.  The spice shop is my undisputed weakness.

We are no longer just dreaming of a white Christmas.  Voila!

The first batch of Christmas...gingerbread boys. By accident, some were dipped in chocolate head to toe. I am intentionally eating one of these mistakes for breakfast right now with a mug of cinnamon tea and I couldn't be happier.

The way Miss Bit bounces out of bed these dark mornings with a single mission: to find Fred.

Coach's surgery went well.  He is being a better than average patient, and he told me that I am excelling as a caretaker too.

Miss Bit is invited to a hat party after school today.  It is in honor of a friend who is losing her hair.  She is undergoing chemo to treat her leukemia.   Daily there are struggles and also triumphs, but I believe that the ending will be a happy one for sweet A.  Her journey has brought the class, the third grade, the school, the community together in inspiring ways. 

Reminding myself many times each day...don't let perfect ruin good.

Today I will take some lost time to attend my daughter's winter concert.  She woke with a smile today. She's smiling because she still LOVES her new haircut, she loves to sing and today is the last day before Christmas vacation.

We have no plans on Christmas Day.  It feels odd since we are usually celebrating all the way through T. Bone's birthday on the 27th.  I was a little cranky about it, but now I am excited to make homemade cinnamon buns and stay in our pj's all day playing games and watching movies.  We're going to make homemade pizzas for dinner and we're making the most of our quiet time together. 

Attention to the angle of repose.

And lastly, but certainly not in the is the winter solstice.  I am recharged by the shorter days this time of year.  That's because the loss of light seems to invite inward reflection.  I find clarity in the cozy contemplation.  Celestially speaking, this might be my favorite day of the year.

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Lady Cordelia said...

Much Love to you dear blog friend! I wish you a wonderful Holiday. I love your last couple sentences....
"Celestially speaking..."
so great!