Wednesday, May 24, 2017


1. lily had a couple good practices, a boring, but necessary cpr class, and a really fun bat mitzvah for a friend. 

2. the boys spent time watching birdies and chipmunks and bunnies from their favorite perch.

3. when ted wasn't caddying or playing golf, he was talking about it or dreaming about it.

4. tigger dreams about so many critters.

5. peanut with cardinal curled up in another favorite spot on a cold and rainy saturday.

6. tigger at the trough.

7. it was a weekend of taking care of things around casa wags. we deep cleaned the basement, mike seeded the yard and i worked on a few photo projects that i'm excited for.

8. then after a long day hard at work, we went out for a date.

9. the company was better than the food, but our homemade pizza sunday night sure made up for our disappointing tacos on saturday.

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