Wednesday, May 10, 2017


i had few expectations for this weekend beyond rest and rejuvenation.
and yet it turned out to be full and quite fabulous...
teeming with the perfect smash up of solitary moments and together time with family and friends.
i left work a little early friday to make time for a workout before meeting a friend.
sweating is the best way for me to leave the week behind and that's exactly what I wanted to do.
i met my frister for dinner and drinks, and we talked and talked for hours, yet still left so much unsaid.
we both needed that kind of time and we pledged to get together again soon...often.
she has known and loved me longest, and i her.
mike and lily had a daddy daughter dinner and movie date.
ted went from golfing to hanging out with friends.
throw in a little (or a lot of) baseball and that was pretty much his weekend.
he went from course to field and was only home to sleep.
after a lazy saturday morning spent reading, lily and i went to support a friend in a state singing competition.
the minute she started to sing, i was a puddle just like her mama.
i felt proud to have known her since she was a brand new have the privilege of watching her grow up into such a beautiful young woman.
i was struck by her powerful instrument, but also her hard-earned poise and confidence and she's only 16.
we enjoyed a ladies lunch after the competition talking about the past and the future.
lil and i made our weekly tj maxx run and then stopped for groceries.
my girl has become quite the shopper lately.
yep...swimming, softball, shopping and slime.
we enjoyed a chill saturday evening in the kitchen.
lily made slime (only for the second time in seven days) and i made quesadillas to order on seis de mayo so only a day late.
sunday was soft ball and golf and then an impromptu family bbq.
mike grilled our favorite ribs and i made homemade mac & cheese, baked beans and cole slaw.
i cut up a watermelon at lily's request, and made a french silk pie for teddy.
my brother and sister in law joined us for a delicious meal and a good time.
i really wasn't ready for the weekend to end, but i felt rehabbed for another week.
the lessons from this weekend were to say yes, to say thank you and to say amen.

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