Saturday, May 6, 2017

April Inventory

Reading not enough. On the flight to Mexico, I read The Rules Do Not Apply. It was quick and didn't leave a lasting impression. Poolside, I read another memoir, A Long Way Home. I cannot believe I'm going to admit this, but the the movie was much more gripping...touching. Maybe that's because it was my first experience with the story, but I think not. I listened to All the Ugly and Wonderful Things recently. It was both disgusting and beautiful and so aptly titled. I'm still not quite sure what to think of the novel. Now I'm listening to The Zookeepers Wife. The story is solid, but I'm not feeling the narration, which can be a huge problem with audio books. I also started Hourglass. Dani Shapiro's most recent memoir is something to sit with and savor. I'm trying to show restraint with her beautiful words that feel more like poetry than prose at times. I have a nice little stack of new books and books I started and need to finish waiting for me too so I'm a happy bookworm.  

Wondering what's next. This summer, this year, this life.

Hoping this wreath stays put until the eggs hatch. Lily and I lobbied to leave the nest the sparrows worked so steadfastly to fashion be even though it would be a slight inconvenience. We were convincing.

Thinking I really am a short-order cook now! And that I'm good at and I love it too!

Watching Lily pitch. She learned a change up this week. She's on two teams right now and she's also on a swim team so she's a busy lady.

Listening to Norah Jones, Diana Krall and Al Jarreau. I've been in a jazzy mood lately preferring crooners to rockers. The birds in the morning. The weather report. One day it's like summer and the next we're back to winter. Spring is simply a state of mind when you live near Lake Michigan.

Eating simply and almost like summer. Most nights we fire up the grill. The usual and favored suspects are split chicken breasts (bone in, skin on). Tonight Ted ate 1 1/2 and they were huge. Pictured below is my new favorite side. That's coming from a girl who never much cared for baked beans. That's until I decided to doctor them up one night. Now I want them every meal. Crisp up a little bacon, add some diced pepper (jalapeno and bell) and a chopped onion, and saute. Add the beans, a little ketchup, a dollop of bbq sauce, a splash of cider vinegar, a skosh of Dijon, a pinch of brown sugar and some s&p. They are heaven: sweet, spicy, salty, smokey, creamy and crunchy.

Drinking coffee, water and wine. Staying awake, hydrated and sane.

Wanting to write a book as beautiful as Shapiro's. 

"What must we summon and continue to summon in order to form ourselves toward, against, alongside another person for the duration? To join ourselves to the unknown? What steadiness of spirit? What relentless faith?"

Enjoying the brownies Lily baked for Teddy last night. He bought the mix when he worked over the weekend. Tonight, he put a note on the pan. It said, "DON'T TOUCH." Loft cardigans. They're just the right weight. Spring peas. Kick boxing and visualizing my targets. The morning and the evening sky.

Loving sweet moments spent at home with my family. I've been a serious and shameless homebody lately. Quiet weekends. Simple pleasures. 

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